Medical Devices

Medical Device Services

PSL offers a separate department for serving the needs of the Medical Device Industry. Contact PSL’s Medical Device Group directly at with your technical or quoting questions or to get referrals from a number of very satisfied customers from this dynamic industry.


We have the expertise and experience necessary for precision electropolishing of miniature and intricate devices of most stainless steel alloys. We can certify to ASTM B 912 among several other specs.

Precision Cleaning:

Precison cleaning and acid etch processes for most alloys including nitinol as well as non-metallic materials. Featuring chemical, aqueous and ultrasonic cleaning. We have developed customized cleaning procedures for specific applications and can do the same for your company’s product.


We can provide passivation per ASTM-A-967 and ASTM-B-912 while maintaining RoHS compliancy.


We are equipped with a Meiji EMZ-8TR microscope with a Luminera Infinity camera. We have among other instruments a Mitsubishi profilometer to measure surface roughness.


We can meet your specific packaging requirements including gamma irradation suitable packaging. Class 1000 cleanroom with nitrogen purged vacuum packaging is also available.